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LISNPN is a network for New Professionals in the Library and Information sector.


LISNPN is in the process of being updated and improved. If you have any suggestions or queries please email LISNPN@gmail.com.

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More about LISNPN:

This is a place to get help, advice, guidance and information, for people working in the related fields of librarianship. Most importantly, it's chance to discuss stuff with other New Professionals. It's very all-encompassing - here's a few things to remember:

This is a network for everyone, regardless of affiliation (you don't have to be a member of CILIP to join, for example). This is a network for anyone working in the sector, not just those who are qualified. If library and information is your profession, then you count as a New Professional for LISNPN's definition of the term...

This is a network aimed primarily at people who've joined the profession in the last decade or so - our definition of 'new' is looser than some - but it's important to stress we would love more experienced pros to sign up and provide some counsel for the rest of us!

You don't have to be registered to access much of the content, although some forums are only available to members so it's probably worth signing up.

LISNPN is managed by volunteers.

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